Improving indoor air quality and health through effective ventilation

The My Health My Home campaign aims to raise awareness of the impacts of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) on health, promote effective ventilation as a means of managing IAQ, and ensure that improving IAQ is a high priority consideration in public health and building policy.


‘Home Ventilation and Health Performance Rating’ Tool

A helpful interactive tool to estimate the level of ventilation in your home and how this may impact your health. After you've answered the questions, you'll receive a 'home ventilation and health performance rating'. As a result, you will receive tailored advice about different ventilation solutions that can improve your home's indoor air quality, thus improving your health.

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Expert Ventilation Guidance

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is linked to a range of health conditions that inflict significant costs on the NHS and wider economy. This section shares a series of expert-led advice guides that have been developed to support healthcare professionals and the general public to better understand the importance of maintaining good IAQ through ventilation.

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Green Homes Compliance Scheme

The Green Homes Compliance Scheme was established to help installers easily identify industry accredited ventilation products that will meet the Building Regulations requirements and deliver effective ventilation for homeowners and residential landlords.

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COVID-19 and Ventilation

New government advice highlights how letting fresh air into indoor spaces and regularly ventilating enclosed areas can reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus by over 70%

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